Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) Post UTME Past Questions and Answers | PDF Format

Yaba College of Technology, YABATECH Post UTME past questions and answers is available for purchase online. See how to Purchase YABATECH Post UTME past questions below. 

YABATECH Post UTME past questions and answers

YABATECH Post UTME past questions and answers


We wish to bring to the prospective candidates who have being seeking admission into Yaba College of Technology, Searching on Google..

how can i buy YABATECH Post UTME past questions and answers?… Is YABATECH post utme/direct entry past questions on sale…? Where can I get Yaba College of Technology past questions.”

It is necessary for every candidates that had YABATECH cut-off mark to prepare well before the Post UTME screening exercise. Some students are always looking for a short cut.

They pray about having a perfect dream about the coming test so that they already know it but that is not a reality, the truth is if you wants to succeed you have to prepare well for the post UTME screening exercise.

Use of past questions is one of the best ways of preparing for exams. The best students swear by them.

So by using these past questions to revise and prepare for the upcoming Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) post-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (post-UTME), you will be able to find out what you already know and what you don’t know.

With this articles I will show you guys an example on how forthcoming exam paper is likely to look and the key themes or subject areas most likely to be covered.

YABATECH Post UTME past questions and answers on English Language 


From the words or group of words lettered A to D, choose the word or group of words which best
completes each of the following sentences.

1 When the little girl hurt herself she —— her mother for sympathy. (a) looked up (b) forced (c) appealed for (d) turned to

2 The ————— applauded the lecturer. (a) crowd (b) congregation (c) spectator (d) audience

3 The new Eko Bridge in Lagos should help to greatly ease the terrible traffic———– (a) compression (b) conversions (c) congestion (d) convergence

4 Able and ————-, he eventually reaped his reward. (a) awkward (b) industrial (c) officious (d) industrious

5 The lecturer felt that it would be—————– to let women compete for posts normally filled by men. (a) inadequate (b) impolite (c) inferior (d) in appropriate

From the list of words or group of words lettered A to D below each of the following sentences, choose the word or group of words which is nearest in meaning to the underlined expression as it is used in the sentences.

6 The discussion became animated. (a) robust (b) unruly (c) intellectual (d) lively

7 John did four years in the University without obtaining his degree, and his scholarship had to be withdraw (a) recovered (b) postponed (c) cancelled (d) re-allocated

8 The driver failed to obey the speed-limit regulations in the college compound, and was summarily
dismissed. (a) answer (b) understand (c) notice (d) observe

9 The rebels were forced to surrender. (a) give off (b) give out (c) give in (d) give way

10 Prospective students for admission must be eligible. (a) clever (b) fluent (c) smart (d) qualified

YABATECH Post UTME Past Questions And Answers On Mathematics


11 Simplify + A. B. C. D.

12 Evaluate Cos 45o + Sin 225o A. B. 0 C. D. 2

13 If SCR, then A. B. C. D.

14 Convert 35 to a number in base two. A. 10112 B. 100112 C. 1000112 D. 1100102

15 The nth term of a sequence is represented by 3 x 22-n Write down the first three terms of the sequence
(A). 3/2, 3, 6 (B). 6, 3, 3/2 (C). 3
/2, 3, ⅓ (D). ⅔, 3, 8/3

16 Simplify -1½ (A). 8 (B). 4 C. ¼ (D). ⅜

17 Simplify (A). -3 (B). 1/9 C. ⅓ (D). 27/8

18 Solve the equation 5×2 – 4x -1 = 0 (A). -1, 1/5 (B). -1, -1 /5 (C). 1, 1/5 (D). 1, -1/5

19 P and q are two positive numbers such that p > 2q. Which one of the following statements is not true?
(A). –p < – 2q (B). –p > – 2q (C). – q < 2p (D). q < ½p

20 For what values of x is the expression not defined? (A). 3, 1 (B). -1, -3 (C). – 1, 3 (D). 3, -2

YABATECH Post UTME Past Questions And Answers On Fine Art 


21 Another name for a non-realistic drawing is ——A. Baroque B. Impressionism C. Abstract D. Realism

22 The equipment used for weaving in textile is referred to as ——————— A. Spinning B. Warp C. Loom D. Weft

23 —– is the most durable material for sculptural work. A. Clay B. Soap C. Bronze D. Wood

24 The modelling of the upper part of the human figure is referred to as a ——- A. Half body B. Portrait C. Bust D. Profile

25 An arrangement of different forms or shapes in creating pattern is known as ———— A. Rhythm B. Texture C. Motif D. Design

26 ——– is the best material suitable for modelling. A. saw-dust B. Clay C. Plasticruise D. Sand

27 Which of these sculptural materials has the lightest weight of product?
A. clay B. Ivory C. Papier-mache D. Store

28 Moral design is a good examples of ———————- A. Pattern design B. Relief C. Wall decoration D. Wall painting

29 As a painter you need of these combination for your work. (A). Pigment/Brush/Chisel
(B). Pigment/Palette/Brush (C). Mallet/Palette/Knife (D) Brush/Hammer/Palette

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