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Waec 2019 Fishery Practical Questions and Answers

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PAPER 3 –  


    1.  – Fishmeal
    2.  – Tilapia
    3. – Wheelbarrow

(a) Identify specimens A, B and C 

    • (b) State three uses of specimen A.
    • (c) Describe the process of making specimen A.
    • (d) Name four other by-products of fish apart from A.

(a) State nine benefits of raising specimen B.

    • (b) Describe three management systems used in raising specimen B
    • Diagrams A and B are illustrations of equipment used in fishing. Study them carefully and answer the questions that follow.

(a) (i) Identify the fishing gear illustrated as A and B below.

    • (ii) Describe how the fishing gear is used to catch fish.
    • (iii) Mention two materials that could be used to construct the gear.
    • (iv) Classify the gear as an active or passive gear.

(b) (i) A farmer feeds fish at 8:30a.m.and again at 4:30p.m.daily.

Explain what would happen if on a particular day the second feeding is done at 12:00 noon instead of 4:30p.m.

    • (ii) State the precautions that should be taken in order to prevent wastage of feed when feeding fish in a pond?
    • (c) Describe briefly how each of the following materials is added to a fish pond:
      • (i) Pure poultry droppings;
      • (ii) Poultry droppings mixed with wood shavings.

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