University of Benin, UNIBEN Accredited Courses/Department Offered


With the rapid academic transformation that is currently been experienced in all sectors of the Nigerian economy as a nation. The educational sector is not left out . there have been an accelerated procativeness of the federal ministry of education in collaboration with the national universities commission of Nigeria, towards making sure that all the universities in Nigeria continue to operate and deliver its mandate in line with the global standard of education.


It is only interesting to know that almost all the universities in Nigeria have since aligned with this current developmental and transformational agenda of the federal government. The universities as a sign of rapid response have been up and doing especially in the areas of the accreditation of their courses.

One of such universities that have shown readiness to work in accordance with the stipulated guideline of the federal government Is the University of of Benin. UNIBEN, as it is popularly called by Nigerians have been commended for the highly level if discipline among the members of staff of the university, especially now that their is a cry against sexual harassment of students in the higher institutions. It is interesting to know that the university despite its growing population have never recorded any case of sexaul harassment of her students.

The university in her compliance with the standards and regulations of the national universities commission of Nigeria ,has since accredited all the courses that are on offer at the university. In contrary to the partial accreditation that some universities gain for their courses, we are proud to announce to the public that the university of Benin has gained full accreditation for all her courses.

It is also interesting to know that the university of Benin is recognized nationwide to be the best medical school. They have been awards of honour to the school from notable professional bodies as a way of appreciating their efforts in the development and nurturing of medical experts that can compete globally at the international market.


The college of medicine of the University of Benin has been noticed to be the talk of the nation. This is evident in the constant and increasing choice of students to study medical courses at the university. Currently, their Pharmacy, faculty have produced many scholars in the field of pharmacy.

Currently, the university if Benin teaching hospital UBTH, still standards as one of the best in the country. Infact, it have been said to be in the same standard with the national hospital of Nigeria, Abuja. The management of the university of Benin teaching hospital have been outstanding to the extent that the whole of the university teaching hospital and the staff quarters steadly has power supply.

In this article, we have gathered all the courses that are currently accredited for offer at the university of Benin.


  1. Accounting
  2. Actuarial Science
  3. Adult Education
  4. Adult Education / Economics and Statistics
  5. Adult Education / English Literature
  6. Adult Education / Geography and Regional Planning
  7. Adult Education / Political Science and Public Administration
  8. Agricultural Economics
  9. Agricultural Engineering
  10. Agricultural Science and Education
  11. Agriculture
  12. Anatomy
  13. Animal Biology and Environment
  14. Animal Science
  15. Architecture
  16. Biochemistry
  17. Botany
  18. Business Administration
  19. Business Administration
  20. Business Education
  21. Chemical Engineering
  22. Chemistry
  23. Civil Engineering
  24. Computer Education
  25. Computer Engineering
  26. Computer Science
  27. Dentistry And Dental Surgery
  28. Dentistry and Dental Technology
  29. Drama / Dramatic / Performing Arts
  30. Early Childhood Education
  31. Education and Biology
  32. Education and Chemistry
  33. Education and Computer Science
  34. Education and Economics
  35. Education and Edo Language
  36. Education and English Language and Literature
  37. Education Fine and Applied Arts
  38. Education and French
  39. Education and Geography
  40. Education and History
  41. Education and Integrated Science
  42. Education and Mathematics
  43. Education and Physics
  44. Education and Political Science
  45. Education and Religious Studies
  46. Education and Social Studies
  47. Educational Administration
  48. Educational Management
  49. Electrical / Electronic Engineering
  50. English Language and Literature
  51. Environmental Education
  52. Environmental Management And Toxicology
  53. Estate Management
  54. Fine Art / Fine and Applied Arts
  55. Fisheries
  56. Forestry And WildLife
  57. French
  58. Geography and Regional Planning
  59. Geography and Regional Planning
  60. Geology
  61. Guidance and Counseling
  62. Health Education
  63. History
  64. Home Economics and Education
  65. Human Kinetics
  66. Industrial Chemistry
  67. Industrial Mathematics
  68. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
  69. Industrial Technical Education
  70. Insurance
  71. International Studies and Diplomacy
  72. International Studies and Diplomacy
  73. Languages and Linguistics
  74. Law
  75. Library and Information Science
  76. Linguistics / Edo
  77. Marketing
  78. Mass Communication
  79. Mathematics and Economics
  80. Mechanical Engineering
  81. Medical Biochemistry
  82. Medical Laboratory Technology / Science
  83. Medicine and Surgery
  84. Microbiology
  85. Nursing / Nursing Science
  86. Optometry
  87. Petroleum Engineering
  88. Pharmacy
  89. Philosophy
  90. Physical Education
  91. Physics
  92. Physics / Industrial Physics
  93. Physiology
  94. Physiotherapy
  95. Plant Science and Biotechnology
  96. Political Science
  97. Political Science and Public Administration
  98. Production Engineering
  99. Public Administration
  100. Pure / Applied Mathematics
  101. Quantity Surveying
  102. Radiography
  103. Religious Studies
  104. Science Laboratory Technology
  105. Secretarial Administration and Education
  106. Secretarial Education
  107. Social Works
  108. Sociology and Anthropology
  109. Soil Science
  110. Special Education
  111. Statistics
  112. Structural Engineering
  113. Surveying and Geo-Informatics
  114. Technical Education
  115. Linguistics and African Language
  116. Education Psychology and Curriculum Studies
  117. Doctor of Pharmacy


The Nigerian Army University | Detailed Free

As part of the efforts of the leaders of the country to tackle the rising tide of insurgency and terrorism in the country,  the federal government of Nigeria have in her understanding and wisdom, established  The Nigerian Army University. The Nigeria army university is located at  Biu, Borno state. The choice of Borno state as the location of the university may be due to the increasing rate at which the Book haram terror group has attacked the state in the recent past. The university is located in the heart of the Northeast, Nigeria.

The Nigeria Army university is the newest university established in the country, with the sole aim of providing the Nigerian military with needed manpower to man the various technical units of the military.

The institution aspires to become a leading University in Nigeria and a centre of excellence spearheading scientific and technological innovations and breakthroughs.

Read more about The Nigerian Army University


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