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Police must release activist to me Amnesty tells Maryam Aiwasu

To me Amnesty  

calls for the release of activist arrested while pursuing justice for victims of sexual violence in Nigeria

Authorities must immediately and unconditionally release Maryam Aiwasu @lce131Queen who has done
nothing more than speaking up for women’s rights.

Arrest of Maryam Awaisu @lce131Queen appears to be an attempt to intimidate and harass both her and other women supporting #ArewaMeToo — a movement seeking justice for victims of sexual violence in Nigeria.

While arresting #FreeMaryamAwaisu, the police attempted to gain access to her laptop and mobile phone by force; this
is clearly an effort to access the sensitive evidence she and other human rights defenders have been gathering
to seek justice for victims of sexual violence.

Maryam Awaisu @ lce131Queen and the other brave human rights defenders working with the ArewaMeToo movement
must not be silenced or punished for the vital work they

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