Global Korea Scholarship Program 2020/2021 to Study in Korean

Global Korea Government Fully funded Scholarship for International Students to Study in Korea 2020/2021. the deadline for submission of application is February – March. See the qualifications, requirements and how to apply for Global Korea Scholarship program 2020/2021 below.Global Korea Scholarship Program for International Students 2020/2021 to Study in Korean

The Global Korea Scholarship GSK is a scholarship offer that is put in place by the government of the republic of Korea. With the aim to provide international scholars and students especially from developing countries the opportunity to study at some of the top and notable institutions in Korea.

The main aim of this apt gesture of the Korean government is to improve international educational exchange and also deepen the existing mutual friendship and diplomatic relationships between Korea and participating countries.

As Korean Government Scholarship Programs was renamed and branded as Global Korea Scholarship in 2010, just to show the diversity in the program.

Global Korea Scholarship program Qualifications.

The Global Korea Scholarship have been Summarized as follows:

Host Country Korea
Category of study Masters Degree, PhD, & Research
Participating countries  or Eligible Country (s) All Countries in the World except Permanent Residents of Korea
Scholarship Reward Full Sponsorship
 GKS Application Deadline February – March

Global Korea Scholarship Requirements & Eligibility.

  1. All intending Applicants must hold or are m expected to hold a Bachelor’s , Master’s or a Doctoral degree by the end of August 31st, 2020.
  2. All applicants for Doctoral Program Must hold a Master’s degree or an equivalent level of education to a Master’s degree
  3. All applicants for Master’ degree Program must hold a Bachelors degree or an equivalent level of education to a Bachelor’s degree
  4. All Applicants for Research program Must hold a masters degree or a level of education that is equivalent to or higher than a Master’s degree and must have received an invitation from one of NIIED‟s designated Korean universities.
  5.  all applicants for Postdoctoral Research Program: Must hold a doctoral degree or a level of education that is equivalent to a doctoral degree.
  6. all applicants for the Professor Exchange Program Must hold a Masters degree or a level of education that is equivalent to or higher than a Masters degree.
  7. all applicants for the Program of Education, Science, Culture, International Professional, Must hold a Masters degree or a level of education that is equivalent to or higher than a Masters degree.


  1. all Applicants who will be expected to graduate at the time of applying for this scholarship must first submit the certificate showing the year and time of expected graduation at the time of applying. Also worthy to note is that the The official degree certificate (or diploma) and final academic transcript of such applicant must be submitted on or before August 31st, 2020.
  2. In the case that an applicant fails to submit the above mentioned documents, by August 31st, 2020 or does not fulfill the grade requirements, for any of the levels such candidate applied for, the scholarship offer will be forfeited without apology.
  3. All Prospective applicants or candisates who have attained their Bachelors, Masters doctoral degree in Korea are NOT eligible to apply.

Allowances attached to the scholarship
The following is a list of rhd allowances that is attached to the GSK.

Settlement Allowance: 200,000 KRW (offered once after entry to Korea)

Monthly Allowance: (Degree Program) 1,000,000 KRW per month, (Research Program) 1,500,000 KRW per month

Research Allowances

Liberal Arts and Social Science majors: 210,000 KRW per semester

Natural Science and Engineering majors: 240,000 KRW per semester.

1-Year Korean Language Training Fee: Fully covered

Degree Program Tuition: Fully covered

Tuition amount covered by NIIED is maximum 5million KRW, and the amount that exceeds 5million KRW will be covered by scholar‟s university.

University Admission fees are waived for GKS scholars.

Thesis (Dissertation) Printing Fee Reimbursement. note that it is The actual printing cost shown on the receipt will be reimbursed (receipt submission required)

Maximum reimbursable amount for each scholar: 500,000 KRW for Liberal Arts and Social Science majors, 800,000 KRW for Natural Science & Engineering and Arts, Music & Sports majors.

Medical Insurance: 20,000 KRW per month

Korean Proficiency Grants: 100,000 KRW per month

Period of the Scholarship 

Below is the summary of the scholarship period as outlined by the GSK body:

1. Doctoral Degree Program:

  • 4 years (2020-2024)
  • 1 year of Korean language program
  • 3 years of regular degree program

2. Master’s Degree Program:

  • 3 years (2020-2023)
  • 1 year of Korean language program
  • 2 years of degree program

3. Research Program:

  • 6 Months (2020-2021)
  • 1 year (2020- 2021)

GKS scholars with TOPIK level 5 or 6.

– GKS scholars who have already received valid TOPIK level 5 or 6 at the time of applying are exempt from a yearlong Korean language program. Thus, the total scholarship period will be 2years for Master‟s degree scholars and 3years for Doctoral degree scholars.

– Those who receive TOPIK level 5 or 6 within the first 6months of the Korean language program will be exempt from 6-month language training and must start their degree program in the following semester. The total scholarship period for these scholars will be shortened to 2.5

years for Master‟s degree scholars and 3.5years for Doctoral degree scholars.

○ Research program scholars, upon their completion of the program and before returning back to their countries, must submit their thesis or research results that include methods, data collection, and discussion of the findings as well as the academic advisor‟s evaluation on scholar‟s performance.

Korean Language Program Requirements

  1. All scholars, unless exempted, are expected to take a one year mandatory Korean Language Program at Korean language institutions which will be assigned by NIIED.

Grounds for Exemption

  1. All GKS scholars who have already received a valid TOPIK level 5 or 6 at the time of applying for the scholarship are exempted from the one year long Korean language program and must directly enroll in a degree program.
  2. All GKS scholars who have received TOPIK level 5 or 6 within the first 6months of the Korean language program are also exempted.

Important Notice

  1. All applicants and scholars must submit a copy of their valid TOPIK certificates to NIIED for probable verification.
  2. If an applicant wishes to be exempted from the Korean language program, the 70th TOPIK score is the last TOPIK score one can report to NIIED to request for exemption from the Korean language program.
  3. And such applicants must submit their valid TOPIK certificate to NIIED and their university by end of June, 2020.

Criteria for assigning a Koeran institution to a student.

  1. The language institution to be assigned will not be in the same location as the scholars university where he is pursing the university degree.
  2. The language institution provides series of Korean cultural experiences added the offering of focused and professional Korean language training.
    Korean language institution for each applicant will be announced along side with the successful list of applicants.
    it is important to note that GKS scholars cannot change their assigned Korean language institutions.
  3. all GKS scholars are all expected to live inside the campus during the Korean language program.
  4. No scholar is expected to be Accompanied by family members as it is strictly forbidden during the Korean language program.
  5. A scholar with a valid TOPIK level 3 or above may choose to live inside or outside the campus depending on his / her choice.

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