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Davido tweeted – Nah Man I be and There’s nothing wrong in saying I am sorry

Popular Nigerian singer, Davido recently tweeted earlier today, Says, !! AND THERE’s NOTHING WRONG IN SAYING I AM SORRY. 

Davido, I see somebody trying to turn that exchange yesterday into a ‘wave’ and I was gonna ignore it cos I’m already mad someone gained 15k followers within hrs over my anger but it is what it is and being a public figure, I need to speak up.

First of all like some of y’all have iscovered, yes there us some background to it and this girl and her man are no stranger to me and they know how to reach me directly whether through DMs or WhatsApp.

So if you really had genuine concern over my movement and involvement politically all she had to do was ask. Instead she took the one option which was to go on the internet and attack and insult me by implying I sold my soul for politics talking about “Why is throwing his toys out the pram because Wizkid didn’t want to sell his vote or sell his soul’. First off I never ever called Wizkid’s name and he has never called mine.

So how you have the audacity to go off like that I have no idea. I get haters talk shit on the internet all the time, but you know what hurts most? When it’s the people in and around your circle that you know personally intentionally drop shit just to anger/trigger you. And I cant lie I was furious.

1. I’ve been on road for the past few weeks pushing a movement myself, my managers and a few other artistes and influencers started a movement called ‘Defend your vote’ everyone knows fully well this basically

anybody and protect your vote ie vote whoever you really want to vote for without being swayed/pressured because of money or fear. I have risked my life for the past few weeks trying to get young people to come out to vote.

A nationwide problem. Entrance requirements to the concerts has been a valid Voters Card. Whoever you want to vote for just sha come out. That has been the main movement. Everyone paying attention has seen that.

(2.) Very early on, I also developed the honest view that the current president needs to GO.

These are two different things. I did this 4 years ago when I was fed up with the way the Country was going. On my late mother’s life I received NO money from the man to campaign for him and 4 years ago I got nothing either. I have received NO money from PDP to campaign for them. That is why

you can see I am supporting many
candidates from different parties. You cant get paid to do what I been doing the way I been doing it. Just like in Osun, it has to come from within or it won’t be believable!
On top of that, you simply can not buy my view/opinion. I am no an actor. I am Davido.

Naturally with my Uncle being PDP, his colleagues have gravitated towards me and reached out for me to perform at their rallies. Some have been paid gigs, some have been unpaid/favors.

That is where it ends and EVERYONE in and around my circle knows this. Ask! However both offline and online when given the chance, I tell people to vote for a change in president which I believe in.

What good is all this influence if we don’t push for shit change we believe in?? To me, what is selfish is sitting back and saying nothing because you believe ‘I’ll always have money. I’ll be good either way!’. What about your uneducated neighbor suffering?

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Now for me to stand up and be doing all this for my country and young people and for someone who is well educated who KNOWS she can get explanation if she really cared to or reached out to me or anyone in my team also knowing how mischievous and insulting her post would be, to post that knowing ill see it, it hurt me.

It got me mad. And out of that deep anger I lashed out and clapped back. Sold soul?? Sold vote?? Regressing?? Using influence to keep Nigeria where it is?! You of all people?! On this side all you ever get is, ‘You’re a celeb you should have thick skin.’ I know that, and believe

me I got thick skin.

I get hate daily. I ignore hate daily. But I’m human too and sometimes even as celebs we get mad and we react and even overreact.

This one did hit me different and I lashed out. And for my reaction yesterday, I apologise.

I should have handled it different. As you know I am a father of 2 beautiful girls, a brother to 2 beautiful ladies, a boyfriend to one beautiful lady and son to the most beautiful woman to ever live.

I have them amongst millions of people all over the world watching me and owe them the very best at all times. For my reaction and things said in response, I sincerely apologise.

I let my anger get the better of me and it was wrong. Everyone that knows me knows of my love and respect for women but also my impulsive

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